R&D Projects

DRI Solutions Ltd. together with Military University of Technology and
University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow
currently working on this project:
Multi-sensory platform for imaging and detecting threats occurring in areas
with high dynamics of changes in environmental conditions.


The aim of the project is to develop a demonstrator of a multi-sensory platform integrated with an autonomous aviation research platform in the form of an unmanned aerial vehicle and helicopter equipped with secured, encrypted telecommunications link and a machine learning system to create priority threat map.

The system will be equipped with a daylight camera VIS, a cooled night camera with a bolometric matrix MWIR, laser designator LD for laser-guided weapons, laser rangefinder LRF and target tracking module VT.

The demonstrator is designed to work in the an environment high humidity, with salt fog, characterized by significant gusts of wind, i.e environment with high dynamics of environmental changes corresponding to the sea conditions.

  The project is financed from national funds.
  Value of project:                  11 824 758 PLN
  Implementation period:      2023 – 2025

DRI Solutions Ltd. together with Warsaw University of Technology and
Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry
currently working on this project:
Development of a gas-dynamic control system for precise guidance missile module.

The goal of this project is to design, build and investigate the technology demonstrator. This includes the correction subsystem which contains a number of rocket engines with a navigation and control unit.

The Navigation unit will be based on Inertial Measurement Units with additional indication from Galileo satellite navigation system. Both, navigation and control units will be integrated into one system which will be able to properly work with supersonic velocity.

Improving flight path precision will increase the battle economics through target reaching accuracy, diminishing the number of missiles and operation costs.

Application of newly elaborated propellant base on ammonium chlorate (VII) and special energetic additions leads to regression increased and consequently decrease thruster work time and increases his work dynamics.

  The project is financed from national funds.
  Value of project:                  8 353 711 PLN
  Implementation period:      2021 – 2024

DRI Solutions Ltd. together with Space Research Center Polish Academy of Science,
AGH University of Science and Technology – Department of Drilling and Geoengineering
and SPACIVE Ltd. currently working on this project:
Development of in-situ regolith sampling gear for generous excavation of regolith- DIGGER.

The objective of the DIGGER activity is to design, develop, manufacture, and test an Engineering Model (EM) of a lunar regolith excavator to support sampling as well as sizeable acquisition of feedstock for small scale ISRU operations.

There are two types of technological domains which are treated as a background for this project:
– excavation technologies used in terrestrial conditions,
– regolith sampling technologies with space flight heritage.

The representative excavator concept trade-off and design of chosen solution will be the key challenge for the project. In the frame of the project the TRL 6 should be reached which means that key functions of the system must be tested in relevant environment.

In case of excavator/sampling device working on Moon surface and subsurface the key factor is vacuum, temperature dust and low gravity.

  The project is financed under European Space Agency contract.
  Value of project:                  699 323 EUR
  Implementation period:      2021 – 2023

DRI Solutions Ltd. is a partner of Mateusz Lesicki Lab-Motion in the implementation of the project:
rapidPuncher – an automatic system of laser sampling of genetic material (DNA)
stored on FTA cards, eliminating the risk of contamination.

The aim of the project is to develop, manufacture and implement a modern system for laser (non-contact) sampling from FTA cards, eliminating the problem of cross-contamination between neighboring samples.

Many of the activities performed by the lab technician, such as selection of the optimal place of saturation with biological material, manual labeling of samples, and manual sample cutting will be completely eliminated by automating of the process.

The modular structure of the device allows to configure the system based on the needs and requirements of the end user, adapting to it’s functional, behavioral, environmental and safety-related requirements.

  The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Founds Smart Growth.
  Value of project:                  1 874 583 PLN
  Value of EU co-financing:   1 410 225 PLN
  Implementation period:      2020 – 2022